Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday Decisions

There are certain days that just seem meant for work. Sunday is definitely one of those days.
The weekend is over and you have to sit back and focus on the week ahead.

I went to bed Saturday night knowing that I'd put off my weekly assignment in my online course. All I had to do was write three paragraphs on some readings and post them by midnight Sunday. I figured I could pull it off.

What transpired Sunday:
8:30am: Wake up at Ocean Isle Beach with friends.
10:00am: Drive home/sleep in the backseat
1:15pm: Arrive in Chapel Hill.
1:15-4:15: Watch Panthers/Falcons game (fantasy team includes Smith and Stewart). Read the first of four articles.
4:15pm: Went upstairs to do work.
4:16pm: Passed a room of guys playing Super Smash Brothers.
4:17-6:30: Played Super Smash Brothers (see above picture for visual results of the cheapest character)
6:30pm: Decided to eat dinner at IP3's.
6:30-8:30: Pizza and Blue Moon
8:30pm: Sunday night football. Read the remaining three articles.
10:30pm: Began writing paragraphs.
11:12pm: A female unit calls and I begin debating the pros/cons of plastic surgery.
11:52pm: Conversation ends.
Midnight: Two paragraphs are written. I post my entry 10 minutes late.

Later that night, I asked myself how it was possible that I couldn't write three paragraphs in 15 hours. The answer came when I received a text message today from a graduated friend of mine:

82.5% of your senior year is left.

As time is running out, I find it impossible to turn down making memories with friends who I won't see in just 222 days.

A great man once said, "There are no bad decisions. Only questionable decisions."

Looking back, I wouldn't even call mine questionable.