Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What are the odds?

I'm in my first online course this semester. It's a learning experience for me. There's just something about never actually seeing or talking to a professor or other students that makes it hard for me to believe that it's a real class.

Each week, two students are in charge of leading the discussion. Next week is my week...

Last night, in an effort to treat the online course like the credit that it's worth, I emailed my partner (Erika) and we decided to meet for lunch today and figure out a plan of attack.

In an unbelievable stroke of luck not only was my partner a gorgeous southern belle (redundant?), but we are in the same class which immediately followed lunch.

Lunch when swimmingly, we walked to class together and I sat next to her.

Allow me to digress...
Two years ago, my poetry writing professor mentioned to the class, "Each of us believes that we can accurately read someone else's thoughts while still keeping our own thoughts hidden."

I disagreed, thinking, I'm better at judging people than they are at judging me.

(End digression)

There's a girl in our class that keeps a food blog. She eats something weird everyday and blogs about it. Before class, people were talking about her next culinary conquest, some kind of exotic bratwurst sausage. It went a little something like this...

Blog girl: "I really don't know if I can get it down"
Male student: "What do you mean?"
Blog girl: "I just don't think I can put it in my mouth, it just looks so gross"
Professor: "You should blindfold yourself"
Erika: "Yeah, then you can just put the whole thing in your mouth and be done with it"
Blog girl: "Maybe I'll try it. I don't know, it's gonna be hard..."

(I listened in silence with a small smirk on my face)

Just as class was beginning, without even looking at me, Erika leaned over and said, "You're a pervert."

Poetry Professor - 1
Pomer - 0

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Clay S said...

Haha, amazing. You would think though that at least someone in the class would have had the courage to drop a "that's what she said" in front of the whole class and become a legend for the rest of the semester.