Friday, October 3, 2008

Graduating... going to be a lot harder than I thought.

I register for classes for the last time tomorrow. I need 12 hours to graduate. No problem, right?


Last Friday, realizing I wasn't sure which classes/perspectives I still needed to fulfill, I tried to get an advising appointment. There were none left. No senior advisors, no journalism advisors, nothing.

So I thought to myself, I'm a smart guy, I can figure this out.


I'm sitting at my computer, trying to figure out which classes to take and the online Analysis of Academic Progress reads:

"An Automated Degree Audit (Analysis of Academic Progress) for the Pre Fall 2006 Curriculum is no longer available in Student Central. Students enrolled in the Pre Fall 2006 Curriculum should consult their advisor regarding requirements that satisfy his/her degree program."

So freshmen, sophomores and juniors can figure out what they need to graduate but for all you seniors, you're on your own. That makes no sense. What the hell University?

Oh well, I'll just go to the journalism UNC page and figure out what exactly is required for me to graduate.


The website is down. Good timing Journalism School. The day before seniors register for their last classes, let's do some scheduled maintenance.

The bad news: I have no idea how to graduate.
The good news: maybe the Real World is more than a semester away.

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