Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I admit it, I play games...

I had one class today...

...and I was 15 minutes late to it.


I didn't wake up too late,
I didn't run into someone on the way and talk for too long,
I didn't watch Final Jeopardy when I should have left after the second round,
and I didn't get lost.

Allow me to digress...

When I'm not talking to someone, I'm bored. When I'm bored, I like to create worthless games to entertain myself.

Last year, I began playing a game where I try not to touch any doors while on campus.

Some days I don't take the game that seriously.

Today was a serious day.

End digression.

I left for class with ten minutes to spare (plenty of time). I walked casually to the building and then up to the door...

...and waited.

Usually within the first 30 seconds, someone opens the door, leaves the building and I slyly slide behind them and the closing door.

Today was not a usual day.

You know when you call a girl (or guy) and she doesn't pick up and you're (desperately) waiting for her to call you back? You keep looking at your phone expecting her to call at any second...

...and she never calls.

Well that's how I felt today waiting outside my class. After 5 minutes, I called my mom. After 12, I considered returning home. When the kid in a red sweatshirt exited the building at fourteen minutes past, I almost hugged him (but I would have missed the closing door).

I jogged up the stairs, rounded the corner and when I saw the wide open door to the classroom, said a silent prayer of thanks.

I entered the class (feigning being out of breath) and quietly took my seat.

Would that fly in the real world?



Eric Langerman said...

I will attest to the fact that he actually plays this game. Sometimes last year I would go to the gym with him and Gerald. If Gerald and I would get out the door but he wouldn't slip through, we would wait about five minutes and then drive home. He would have to walk and would miss dinner.

Gregg said...