Sunday, November 9, 2008

Against the grain...

I posted a few days ago about going against the crowd instead of following it and how that can be useful. I'd like to touch on that a bit more.

At one point or another, we all have to use the public restroom...

...and most of us don't look forward to it.

You're out of your comfort zone. Instead of reading your favorite magazine, you find yourself staring at etchings of Jon was here and below that, maybe an ignorant Jon is gay.

At home, you know (or have an idea of) who was there before you. In a public restroom, it's a crapshoot (pun intended).

There's only one good thing about public restrooms...

The handicapped stall.

I mean, what is bad about the handicapped stall? It's exclusive, roomier, there always seems to be a fresh roll of toilet paper and sometimes, the seat is even higher, which makes you feel like a king.

Everyone loves it...

And that's why I never use it.

I hate the handicapped stall. It's everything bad about public restrooms multiplied.

Think about it. When you go to the bathroom, do you want to use the stall that everyone else and their mom has used or do you want to use the one that has been left vacant all day as if it's been saved just for you?

Yeah, I thought so.

I want a cleaner and less ignorant public restroom experience...

...and you simply aren't going to get that in the handicapped stall.

Yogi Berra once said about a restaurant, "Nobody eats there anymore because it's too crowded."

Well for me (and I hope you), the handicapped stall has gotten too crowded.

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