Sunday, November 9, 2008

Efficient at Being Inefficient

I often spend countless hours writing emails about nothing or blog posts about less than nothing when I should be doing homework (inefficient).

I also refuse to use the mouse while doing work and instead, only use the keyboard (efficient).

Doing so requires an extensive knowledge of keyboard shortcuts.

A friend of mine, upon watching me seemlessly navigate around my computer, noted, "You're the most efficient person I've ever met at being inefficient."

So, in honour of a friend of mine starting a blog of his own, here's a way for you to be much more efficient.

I've heard from a lot of you that you check the blog everyday and that I often haven't written a new post. First off, I'm working on increasing post frequency.

But for when I can't post as often as you'd like and you're tired of trying to manage all the blogs you're reading, I HIGHLY suggest Google Reader.

It's a web-based reader for RSS feeds.

What that means for you is that once you quickly add the blogs you read (mine, Garrett's and Oltz's), you can simply check Google Reader and it will tell you which blogs have been updated and you can read them all on one site.

And if you're not in love with your homepage, I suggest iGoogle. Google Reader is even more convenient there.

If you're still hesitant or confused, here's a Newbie's Guide to Google Reader.

Trust me on this one. With all the time I waste writing this blog, I figure I might as well save you some...

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