Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Define: 'Waste'

For college kids, Christmas/Chanukah/Winter break is a time for relaxation.

Sure, you may work a couple hours a week at your old job for some present-buying cash flow but there are no papers, no projects, and no exams.

And if you're anything like me, CCW break is a period where you have a lot of free time but feel like you deserve to not spend it doing something you have to.

Break is you time.

Do something you want to do. Read a book that has nothing to do with anything.

Did you never get around to the last Harry Potter book? Is there a new Star Wars book out? Is Gossip Girls your guilty pleasure?

Read it. Who cares?

You know I don't.

Besides, I've read every HP book thrice, I know more Star Wars history then American history, and I knocked out all the Gossip Girls novels (yes, "novels") three summers ago.

So instead of reading, last Saturday, four friends and I decided over dinner to devote our time to something arguably more worthless...

Starting a new weekly TV drama.

After much deliberation, we narrowed the field down to Lost and Heroes.

The voting was fierce:

We debated the pros and cons of each show, my friend Chris attempted a filibuster by eating only one fry every 5 minutes, and I had to give up shotgun in his car for a month to get him to reconsider.

When we finally voted, Heroes won and Lost well... you get the idea.

(Heroes - 3, Lost - 2)

So after dinner, we all went to Blockbuster and picked up the first season and Saturday at 11pm, we began the first episode.

I have a very addictive personality. I don't believe in doing something half-way. I don't even believe in doing something the whole way.

If you start something, you should do it to the extreme.

And at 6:30pm last night, three of us finished the first season.

I did some calculations and figured out that during those 43 hours, I'd spent...

22 hours watching Heroes, 14 hours sleeping, and 7 hours doing everything else.

I broke it down further below:

I told that story to a few people last night and each said, "Wow, what a waste."

So I began to question my decision:
- Did I really need to watch a show until 7am two nights in a row? - No.

- Did I enjoy every second of the show? - No, I was horribly scared most of the time.

- Does my back hurt from sitting down for so many straight hours? - Yes.

- Do I see scenes from the TV show every time that I close my eyes? - Yes.

- Do I need to shower? - God Yes.

- What does waste really mean? - To consume or spend without adequate return.

- Oh, well did I get a decent story out of it? - Umm sure, why not.

Well then it's not a waste.

A waste would be doing something that I wouldn't remember a month from now or that I could easily do again in a year or two.

Now that I think about it, I can't imagine anything more worthwhile...

...except maybe this.


Anonymous said...

I am commenting mostly because I know how it feels to get no comments after spending hours on a post.

We need to come up with some way to increase our readership.

I'm thinking about starting every conversation with "have you read my latest blog post" and if the answer is no walk away.

Daniel said...

You rub my back, I rub yours?

Sarah said...

Matt and I watched TWO seasons of LOST in a week. We win the waste train.