Thursday, December 4, 2008

Giving credit where credit is due...

The blog is spreading (no, I can't explain it either) and I wanted to say a quick thanks to some people who are helping out/supporting me along the way.

1. New Media Campaigns (Clay in particular):

I started working there about a month ago and (t)he(y) wrote a blog post about their newest intern (me) and mentioned this blog.

I have two brief thoughts on that (though I'll be using letters and not numbers to denote the separate thoughts because we're already number-bulleting the Thank You's):

a) While I do appreciate the kind words, Clay may have exaggerated a bit as to the entertainment value of this blog.

I believe he put it a little something like this:

"The posts promise to be the most humorous and beautiful prose that you've ever read."

I've tried to set the bar low for those of you who have been reading since the beginning so that you are merely underwhelmed.

For those of you reading with the expectations that Clay set, I think it's only fair to warn you of certainly being underwhelmed and possibly (probably) going into a long, deep depression. For that, I apologize.

b) If you read the post on NMC, you probably also noticed that the first comment (and only as of today) was from my Mom. You're probably thinking (and are correct) that I should be embarrassed about that. Somehow though, my first emotion was one of pride.

(Yes, that last bullet was a selfish attempt to get an allowance raise for next month. I'm a little low on cash right now.)

End thoughts. Back to thanks...

2. A guy named William:

I woke up this morning and (like most mornings) immediately checked Facebook.

To my surprise, I had a message in my inbox.

To my (even bigger?) surprise, it wasn't a mass message from some girl thanking everyone for joining her Facebook group about her lost phone and needing people's numbers (which happened yesterday morning).

No, the message was from William who picked up this blog from the NMC post.

To my amazement, not only was he not angry that he'd wasted his time reading even a single post, he told me that he actually experienced something resembling amusement.

So, because (as far as I know) he's the first reader who I haven't personally forced the blog onto, I wanted to say a special public thanks for taking a chance and reading/subscribing. I really do appreciate it.

3. A guy named Chase:

This one's not really a thanks. I came across a blog post by Chase. He's a friend of one of my co-workers and his post had me laughing out loud (no, not LOL... the written out kind).

If you've enjoyed any of my posts, I think you'll find his post less-than disappointing. It's about a girl identified as "League-girl" who I assume he likes/has a crush on.



Gregg said...

you still get an allowance?

Alex Pomer said...

Well technically yes but...

I sent WAY too many text messages in June so I'm really just slowing paying back my debt to my mom back each month for that phone bill.

At the rate I'm at, we should be even by April but I'm trying to get it to February via this blog post.