Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Friendship (at least for guys)

The internet has brought about a new era of communication and action.

For those of you who don't know...

When a large group of people assemble suddenly and perform an unusual action for a brief time then quickly disperse, it's called a Flash Mob.

You can find some famous ones, here, here and here.

This afternoon, I organized my first Flash Mob...

At 2:15pm, a good friend of mine named Garrett and I were studying in our Fraternity's library (the 'Brary). He finished his work and I still had half a paper to write.

Bragging, he announced to everyone in the 'Brary that he was "going to take a nap."

Furious that I still had to write a paper and Garrett was going to sleep, I decided to organize a flash mob.

I immediately sent the following email to my Fraternity listserv (90 people):

If you're not doing anything...

Garrett just informed me that he's going to "Take a nap."

I would like to prevent him from doing this.

If you're not doing anything between 2:28pm and 3:30pm, please call Garrett
at 336-###-#### and ask him a worthless question.


End Message.

In the next hour, Garrett got 40 calls and 16 text messages.

Needless to say, he did not fall asleep.

Pomer - 1, Garrett - 0

Note: Thanks to those of you who participated.

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