Monday, January 26, 2009

Watermelon Story 2.0

Do you remember the story your parents told you about what would happen if you swallowed a watermelon seed?

For those of you who don't remember, first of all you're an idiot and secondly, a watermelon supposedly grows in your stomach.

This afternoon, an alumnus of our fraternity (John) came by to check up on the progress of the fraternity, upkeep of the building, etc.

Here's a brief snippet of the conversation:

John: "How's everything going?"
Me: "Fine."
John: "Any problems with the building itself?
Me: "Nope."
John: "Any more bug problems?"

(We had a bug infestation last year.)

Me: "Not really, I woke up this morning to a ladybug crawling out of my nose."
John: "Are you serious?"
Me: "Yeah, it scared me at first but ladybugs are pretty harmless, right?"
John: "You'd better hope she didn't lay any eggs up there."
Me: "Haha yeah, wouldn't that suck..."

End snippet.

After initially laughing off the matter, I've become increasingly concerned about the actual possibility of a ladybug nest resting peacefully in my nose.

I've had visions of waking up in a week with a cold and sneezing out hundreds of ladybugs...

Thoughts of having to join the circus as The Insect Sniffler...

Dreams of fighting crime at night in a ladybug outfit (see below) with my many mini female friends by my (in)side...

Scary. I know.

Odds are nothing will happen.

But I think either way, I've just discovered the next big old wives' tale.

If you have any other possible uses for my potential future superpower, please let me know in the comments.

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